Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

"Woodland Winter"
photograph - © Bruce A. Morrison

Its nearly Thanksgiving here!  Its definitely not winter but I posted the image above because it actually reminds me of years past in late November here in NW Iowa!  If you looked out the window or stepped out onto the studio's deck right now you'd either think it was early spring or early is so pleasant out!

I took the photograph above at Woodman Hollow, a state preserve south of Ft Dodge, Iowa, along the Des Moines River, many years back.  The shot was from what you'd call a small Goat Prairie along a ridge within view of the river below.  This same ridge in the summer had a nice small compliment of prairie flowers and grasses; its a wonder the timber hadn't yet taken it over.  Narrow-leaved Purple Coneflower (Echinacea angustifolia) was present in noticeable numbers in mid summer, as were the "usual grasses" like Big and Little bluestem, Sideoats grama and Porcupine grass.  I have not been back to this location for two decades now...its a place I spent many years exploring as a teenager and young adult...a magical place.  I would be very interested in seeing how this scant prairie site has changed or evolved in that time.

Looking through the branches and late hanging oak leaves, across the ravine toward the neighboring hillside of timber and sparse openings, creates a very satisfying, and almost "decorative" view of the winter season.

I want to take a moment to simply wish everyone out there a very Happy Thanksgiving!  Take care out there and be good to one another!  

See you on the Tallgrass!